On Javier Baez

Baseball Man

Admittedly, I had a few drinks, but honestly, a ‘few drinks me’ is the same as ‘me me’. Some friends and I ditched work on a day the United States would lose in the World Cup after an incredible run, and went to watch the Iowa Cubs play the Omaha Storm Chasers here in Des Moines in a day-night double header. This was when Russell, that fat guy with the pirate last name who broke his knee, Bryant and Baez were still at the affiliate.

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2016 MLB Playoffs: LAD vs. WAS


I feel like there’s just something about the Dodgers that has reeked of bad luck the last few years.  But Kershaw got a win today, which was nice for him, and I met Tommy Lasorda at Aria in Vegas about a month ago and he was really nice to the weird fat asshole that stopped him in the concierge lounge, so I’m going with the Dodgers in four.

That and they are a really good team who did well without their ace for half the season. With the resurgent Puig, a solid line up top to bottom, better defense than last year, and great pitching that *I think* actually outperformed this year, you have the makings of a team that can give anyone already eliminated or wearing a Washington Nationals jersey a run for their money.

That’s a wrap on predictions.  To recap:

Toronto will win.
Cleveland will win. (But I want Boston)
Los Angeles will win.
San Francisco will win.

Sorry Cubs fans.  Try harder.