I Think Toronto Is In Trouble


Toronto is down 2-0 in the series. Cleveland is showing no signs of slowing down. Last night, Josh Tomlin had his disgusting curve ball on full display, striking out 6 over 5 2/3 innings.

Tomorrow the series moves to Toronto, and we should expect to see the Jays come alive one of these nights.  Still thinking Cleveland closes it out in Toronto. Sorry Blue Jays fans.  If you want to win, try harder.


2016 MLB Playoffs: CLE vs. TOR


Cleveland and Toronto open in a just a few hours. Based on my completely bogus method above, which allowed me to go 4-2 predicting the winners thus far, I’m going to go with Cleveland as the winner.

Both teams have solid pitching, but I’m giving the edge on the bullpen to the Indians. They only played four times in 2016, and they split. Looking at the vs. stats is kind of pointless because one of those games was a 17 to 1 ass kicking with the Tribe taking the business end of that sodomizing.

Toronto does not have the patience that Cleveland has displayed. No one in the league had more walk off wins in 2016 than Cleveland, and no team pissed me off more this year than Cleveland. Last year, Toronto gave me that feeling all season, and once the Royals beat them, I knew they would win everything. I feel that way this year about this series. I just have a feeling that whoever comes out of here is going to win, and because they’ve had luck on their side, they’ve shown resilience and restraint all season, and their pitching has a slight edge, Cleveland will be the AL Champs in short order. In fact, I’ll be surprised if it takes them more than five games.

Ultimately, I just want more games like we’ve had. This has been an incredible post season all ready, and I can’t wait to see more drama, more clutch hits and more late inning heroics. I LOVE BASEBALL!!!! FUCK THE CUBS!!!!

MLB Playoffs: TOR v. TEX


No surprise here, especially after seeing game one. I picked Toronto in four, I stand by that prediction, especially when the Texas ‘ace’ only goes 3.1 innings at home. Toronto, the more patient team with probably a little saltier pitching, will probably be the hardest out of the AL side of the tournament.

This is unfortunate because I’ve really become a fan of Adrian Beltre and his antics lately, but I guess they should just try harder and pitch better if they want to win.

As always, hoping Joseph Bats, Esq. throws a bat through a man in an effort to be the biggest cock of the walk.  Because he’s kind of a cock.

MLB 2016 Playoff Preview – BAL vs. TOR

MLB Bracket.JPG

Game One: Baltimore vs. Toronto

First thing is first, let’s look at the stats:


I’ll probably play around with that view above, but essentially, blue is Toronto and orange is Baltimore. Side by side comparison by position. The bottom Advantage area is which team had a majority of side by side leaders.

We can deduce from this that in 2016, Baltimore was actually the more powerful team, but Toronto was quite a bit more patient at the plate, hit for average, and had a better chance driving one into the gap when it matters.

From a starting pitcher perspective, both starters (Tillman, 16-6; Stroman, 9-10) have a couple post season starts and each have a win, but nothing to really write home about. If either one of them is on their game, they can be very hard to hit. I’d give a slight advantage to Stroman based on nothing more than my instincts.

So who’s going to win? I was at the greatest baseball game of all time – the 2014 KC vs. Oakland play-in game. And literally anything can happen. Both of these teams have taking a sip of toilet water in recent playoff years, and strange enough, both from my boys in KC. Statistically, the away team has a 6-2 record since the implementation of the play-in game.

I think Toronto is going to win. I think they jump Tillman early, and go to their own pen early and often to make sure they get to the next round. While Baltimore out-powered the starting 9 for Toronto this season, something magical happens in the playoffs in Canada, and I’m putting my (fake) money on Toronto.