MLB 2016 Playoff Preview – SF vs NYM



Here’s a hitting comparison:


I know there are some injuries above not accounted for, and some of the starters might change for this match up (pulled this from Baseball Reference), but, based on these numbers, and the fact it’s an even year, I gotta go with San Francisco.  I hate them, but they will win. I know New York has put in a gutsy performance lately through injuries, but i don’t really care about that.  They are getting beat and San Francisco will go fight the Cubs.

For posterity, it’s maybe gonna’ be Bumgarner vs. Syndergaard. What an epic match up. I’ve learned my lesson doubting Madison in the playoffs.  I hate that guy with a white hot passion and I may not brake if he was in front of my car, but god dammit I respect him.

If it’s anyone else starting for the Giants, I reserve the right to change my pick.

Plus a world with crazy horse fucker Hunter Pence is a world I want to live in. That guy makes tying shoes look like that greatest thing of all time. His intensity reminds me of Ultimate Warrior doing 88 lines of ultimate cocaine.