No I Don’t Have To

I’ve heard a lot of people and read a lot of posts from people saying tomorrow we have to go back and be one country and support the decision.

That’s stupid bullshit.


I don’t have to be happy and I don’t have to settle and you shouldn’t, either. Just because your friend is driving home drunk doesn’t mean you need to get in the car.Tomorrow the country is still going to be divided. Regardless of what happens, you’re going to see some stupid things in the next month as this settles down. But hopefully clear-headed America showed up and even though I don’t like her, Clinton’s a lot better than riding home drunk with your friend while they text their bro about all the pussy they grabbed.

Unless you’re into that sort of shit. ┬áThen by all means, keep driving.


Trust Issues

Not a big fan of life imitating art.

King Ralph is a really good analogy for Trump. John Goodman plays a boorish lounge act, who becomes king because, basically, everyone else died in a freak photography accident. In real life, Trump could become president, well, basically in spite of a freak photography accident.

I bring this up because it’s time to make an endorsement, as a political site, and I’m not going to beat or grab around the bush. Continue reading “Trust Issues”