Sick-Ass Banner Pic Contest


Clearly, my expert Photoshopping skills are rudimentary at best, much like Trump’s run for president or Clinton’s secure server or Jack Soria’s strikeout to blown save ratio.

So I need some help making a kick ass banner pick. Above is an even rudimentary-er hand drawn pencil sketch. Again, clearly I suck at pencil.

I’m going for a real nice close up of a baseball, with a picture of our elephant and donkey except they each have their head up their ass.  As you can see from above, my donkey looks like a Loch Ness Giraffe and my elephant looks like a shitty comb.

There’s no prize other than I’ll post them all and use the best one forever or until I get sick of it.

Dimensions, I believe, need to be 1440 x 600 pixels.

You can submit them by emailing or by posting them on the Facebook page which is

Be sure to follow on Twitter too @643politics.  Or don’t.  I’d say I don’t care, because I typically don’t, but I actually want you to read this shit to the point I get enough advertising revenue that I can just sit home all day entertaining you assholes and write about baseball.  And politics.

Send me some sketches.  Don’t play coy.

Oh yeah, and Cubs will find a way.

To lose.