What The Cubs Win Means To Me

Photo Credit: CubsInsider.com

Editor’s Note: I hate the fucking Cubs.

In today’s world of hot takes, fast takes, quick takes, rapid takes, speed takes, hot corner takes, instant takes, can-of-corn takes, Subway Fresh Takes and pronto takes, sometimes it’s also a little nice to sit back and process something before reacting. It’s a lost art, but it’s something I had to do with this Cubs World Series victory. After a good long week in which we absolutely got our asses kicked as a country, regardless of party affiliation, I had the following ten conclusions. Continue reading “What The Cubs Win Means To Me”


Nice Belt

Ladies Belt

Brandon Belt capped off a big inning last night with a three run bowl of dong soup as he helped to keep the dirty Giants alive. And that makes sense, right? It’s an even year. With all of these amazing baseball stories and intense final few days, it’s hard to focus on who will be the team that finally ends the Cubs’ season.

But here’s the real story to me. Does anyone have a better arm than Yasiel Puig? Last night on a sliding grab in that same game against the Giants, on a weak pop fly to right he himself popped up and threw and absolute lasersnake to third.

Here’s my favorite outfield assist of all time.

Here’s four other highlights in one video.

I don’t know that anything else needs to be said. ¬†Puig has a rocket attached to his body and it will kill you.