Is David Price Just a Long Reliever Now or Does He Just Suck at Postseason?

Maybe if David Price threw cards instead of soft toss he could win.

After David Price’s inexcusable outing today, one might wonder if he has basically become a billion dollar long reliever for the rest of his career, or if he just sucks really bad at his job after such and such a date, that date being the day he starts a playoff game for his ball club. Well, let’s take a god damned look, shall we?


Yep, turns out he just really sucks in the playoffs.  Even this season, he won 17 games, he had an ERA under 4, he didn’t suck too bad. In fact, if he was on the Royals my boys are in the tournament. Yet when he gets into the tournament himself, especially this season and last year against the Royals, he really bites. He loves to give up hits, runs, and all but two of them earned.

So that settles it.  You may as well throw David Blaine in the post season. I bet he can at least disguise a pitch.


MLB Playoffs: CLE vs. BOS


I predicted earlier today that Boston would win in five, and I’m pretty confident they will.

Cleveland is a really awesome team this year and I hate them with a giant red hot passion but I won’t have to worry about them long. The wrinkle in this series is pitching, specifically bullpen.  But I gotta’ root for Papi and I really want the Cubs to get beat in the Series by the Sox.  So much irony and poetic justice.

Hear that Chicago?  Suck it.