2016 MLB Playoffs: SF vs. CHI


This is a dream series.  As of deadline, it’s 0-0 in the sixth inning. Pitching is going to rule this series, which is funny because I compared bats above. I think this series has to go five games. Likely, San Francisco will win because it’s an even year and the closer the Cubs get to elimination the worse their heads will be. Like, I can’t wait to see what type of shit they do and what type of head cases they become.  And the fans? I can’t wait to see what the fans do. You thought it was bad with Bartman? This is a whole new level, because this year the fans had entitlement. They had a true winner.  They had the curse breaker on their side. Well eat shit, Cubs fans.  You’re going down some how.  I don’t know how for sure, but I’ve been waiting with delicious anticipation all season and I can’t wait to see if unfold.

Note: I hate the Cubs and Yankees.  Do something about it.

Second Note: By the way, I keep showing these fun little Excel charts and doing a completely unscientific method of guessing who will win. This is an example of the Cubs having an offensive advantage according to my phony bologna system, yet I’m picking the Giants. Same way about the Royals last season.  Computers couldn’t figure out how they won, because according to modeling they should have been about 12 games worse. But sometimes it’s your year, and this year is an even year and I hate the fucking Giants, too, so they will probably win the whole…fucking….thing, Jake Taylor style. Okay, bye.