Snake Oil? This Is Banana Oil.


Everything I thought would be stupid and wrong about a Trump presidency is coming true before he even actually takes the oath.

Companies figured out how to beat him.

Trump is a not really a great business man, he’s only a great promoter. This is fucking crystal clear in the Carrier/United Technologies deal. He didn’t do some revolutionary thing, he just did the same shitty deals that governments have been doing for years, and he’s really flexing his cock about the 1,000 jobs he “saved” but being pretty quiet about the 1,000 more that are still leaving and the fact that Carrier got a bunch of incentives to stick around. Before he even spends one second in office, companies already figured out how to beat him and get him to cave.

I mean, this isn’t debatable.  His first big touting is a sham. But whatever.

Bigotry and racism will come out of the woodwork.

Fuck, do I even need to write about this? Half is cabinet are on record with inflammatory remarks. Before he even spends one second in office, we’ve already seen our country take ten steps back in the equality column.

He’s not going to drain the swamp, but he is going to raw dog you in the ass.

The only people on his cabinet who aren’t playing old school Hollywood baseball are racists.

He’s considering Sarah Palin and Rudy Guiliani for positions, and even his old pal Newt Gingrich, who’s picture is in the fucking dictionary if you look up “Washington Insider”. If he were anymore inside Washington, you could find it on Porn Hub.

He’s putting a bunch of yes men and con artists into important positions and it’s going to be bad.

You won’t have protected freedoms, you could actually have less freedom.

While everyone was concerned for eight years about Obama declaring martial law and taking away guns, we dramatically expanded the freedoms and rights in our country and more guns were sold than ever before. That is factual. You can try to dispute it, but that will show everyone you are the King of the Dip Shits.

Meanwhile, before he spends a second in office, Trump is already talking about repealing the rights recently afforded to American citizens, he’s talking about banning freedom of speech and he’s talking about banning parts of the internet. He recklessly tweets about newspapers and entertainment shows not being fair and that they should really be nice to him or be shut down.  In other words, before he can even move into the White House he’s already, on multiple and document occasions, championed the limitation of the rights and freedoms of Americans. But what the fuck do I know, amiright?

It’s just another con job, but I haven’t figured out how he’ll truly profit.

Every single thing he’s done his whole life is about growing his brand and turning a profit, with no regard to who he shits or steps on in the process. That’s all.  I’m right about this but I just don’t know how he’ll do it yet.

Waiting with baited breathe to find out, though!







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