The Speech He Needs To Give

Things are still wildly crazy after a whirlwind election cycle and I personally am very, very frustrated. Ever since the results came in, our own people are against each other. The stories continue to pour in from around the country, of people verbally assaulting minorities, and of protesters turning violent. The troubling part is President Elect Trump hasn’t done enough to stop it.

Donald Trump is a man who understands grandstanding and getting in front of a crowd more than anyone, maybe in history. The guy is a genius marketer, a self-promotion machine, and if anyone can get on a TV or get coverage of a speech, it would be him.

Yet here we are, with mum from his camp about the violence. No one is reporting how Trump or anyone in his camp has come out strong (and I mean really, really strong) against these acts of violence. I think it’s because he hasn’t. Again, if anyone could get an audience, it would be him. (Note: I know he talked about gay marriage being settled, but if he came out strong the way I am talking, it’s the only thing we would hear. I’m talking ads in the news paper, TV spots, prime time specials.)

This is what he was supposed to do. This is the speech he needs to give, and he hasn’t yet, but here’s me trying to bridge the gap, and channel my inner Trump. Mr. Trump, please feel free to steal this, word for word, if you were so inclined. You don’t even need to give me credit. I’d just like you to prove you aren’t bullshit.

Hello, America.

My name is Donald Trump, and you recently elected me to become the 45th president of the United States of America. I know, I know. It’s hard to believe. I couldn’t believe it myself at first, but I promise you we are going to Make America Great Again.

First item of business, however, is to get us all moving in the same direction. And before we can do that, America, you have to knock off the bullshit. I know, I said it.  I said it. I like rough language sometimes, and in this instance it’s warranted. How can we fight the threats from outside our borders if we can’t even work together at home?

Throughout the election, I championed law and order. And now we have to double down on that promise, and create order from the chaos of this election. I’m really pleased so many people turned out to vote for me. I really am. But let me tell you something America, we have to stop attacking each other. A vote for Donald Trump was not a vote for racism, or bigotry or misogyny. I use rough language and I’m a blunt individual, but I am not a proponent of hatred, and in fact, in fact, I am vehemently against it. 

Let me restate this slowly so everyone can understand it: In no way do I condone the actions of these so-called supporters who think electing me to this office was a free license to commit acts of hate and terror on our diverse citizens. When I hear stories about white people yelling obscenities and threats at our African America, Latino and Asian citizens, it makes me sick. It really makes me sick. I am disgusted by this behavior, and it cannot and will not be tolerated.

As you well know I am going to make sweeping changes to immigration. If you are here illegally, start packing your bags because we’re coming for you. But that’s because people who are here illegally are cheating the citizens of America out of jobs. Their not paying taxes. And they are getting handouts for being here illegally. I also want reform because I personally think, and a lot of America thinks, that we need stricter regulations to make sure extremists don’t enter our country, ever, under any circumstance. Believe me, we’re going to make it safe to be in America.

But this behavior we’re seeing out of some of our citizens, out of some of our supporters, it’s not okay. In fact, it’s the type of behavior that would get you blocked from immigrating to the greatest country in the world. When I said I wanted to Make America Great Again, that did not mean I wanted to white-wash the population. Diversity is part of what makes America great. And if you are an American citizen or living here legally, doing a good job and playing by the rules, we want you. I want to embrace our diverse heritage and expand efforts everywhere to celebrate our culture.

In inner cities, I am championing aggressive and tough changes to make our citizens safer. In Chicago, in Detroit, people of color are already killing each other. My presidency is about making it safe for these citizens. It’s about cleaning up our act. Not making our citizens feel less safe. We can’t have them afraid of their neighbors plus the criminals.

Joining me on stage today are some great people. These are doctors, students, lawyers, teachers, even my opponent (see below). And these people have a lot in common. They are all hard working Americans. They all pay their taxes. I could probably help them pay less in taxes, but, you know. But the sad part is they have something else in common. They have all been the recipient of verbal assaults and threats since I was elected.

I’ve sat here today and all week really, and listened to their stories. And while it breaks my heart. No, truly. It does. It breaks my heart. To hear the stories of hate these fine Americans have had to endure, you’d think we were back in the 60’s. Not 2016. And one thing I’ve learned from listening to the stories? These people are strong. These are the types of human beings we want in America. Hard working. Team players. Not afraid to do what it takes to make the world a better place.

And we need to work together. And we need to be team players. And frankly, in the United States of America, there’s no place for the type of hate they have had to endure these past weeks.

I am calling on the citizens of the United States to champion the idea of being together. It’s part of our name, for heavens sake. United.  United, we can  overcome this rhetoric and work together to Make America Peaceful Again. United, we can defeat our enemies abroad and Make America Safe Again. United, we can rework our deals, put more of us back to work again, and Make America Strong Again. United, we can start winning, and Make America Great Again.

God bless all of you. Treat each other with empathy and respect, and God bless the United States of America. Thank you.

That’s the speech he needs to give. That’s the speech that would show, without a doubt, that he was on the US team.  Not the Right or Left team.

He needs to have people on stage with him.  He needs to have 20-30 people who have been on the receiving end of this hatred join him on stage.  And he needs Hillary Clinton to join him on stage if either of them are serious about bringing the country together. And he needs both Joe Biden and Mike Pence on stage, to show that the current administration and the new one will work together. He needs Pence up there to prove he actually does care about minorities and isn’t racist.

I know that’s a lot of people on stage, but if you are going to give a message of unity and togetherness, then you have to go all in. You can’t half-ass it. And you need your Vice President beside you so he hears the message loud and clear. Right now, half the people in our country aren’t just voting against you. They outright don’t trust you. They think, in their heart and in their mind, that you actually hate them and now that you are elected, you’re going to ruin their lives, or worse. Prove to them it isn’t true.

You actually do have a chance here to become a great president. Your legacy is far from written. Do you want to be known as the guy who alienated his own citizens and sent the country to the brink? Or do you want to unite our country under common goals?

If you are serious about Making America Great Again, you’ll give this speech, or something close. And you’ll make sure that everyone, everywhere hears it. Put your PR machine to work, because this is what America needs right now. We need a strong leader to get out in front of us and tell us it’s going to be okay. That he has everyone’s back. And that even if you didn’t vote for him, he’s going to protect you and there’s a place for you in his America. Please be that leader. Please?


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