Tell Me Again This Isn’t America?

It’s pretty easy for a lot of people who are white to talk about how we need to unite and move on now. And it’s easy to make jokes about being uneducated. But here’s the deal: fuck us. On day one this is the shit that came out of the woodwork. This is what voting for Trump has brought on this country. This is the difference between being educated and not. Being educated means you saw that a vote for Trump was a vote for this type of vitriol. It means you thought critically about what the vote stood for and even if Trump was just a boorish lounge act, you know it was deeper and meant that a part of our country took it as an open license to commit acts of hate.
Being uneducated means you didn’t think this was going to happen, or you haven’t been paying attention. Either way, everyone needs to read this link because this is where we are, America. It’s pretty hard to heal the divide when part of the country keeps reopening old wounds.
If you disagree, then you comment below about how we’re going to fix this because I’m out of ideas. In the meantime, PLEASE STAND UP TO THIS TYPE OF SHIT. If you see someone being harassed, do the right thing. Don’t be part of the problem. For fuck’s sake, it is 2016 why the fuck do we even need to have this discussion. What a god damned place we’ve become. 

2 thoughts on “Tell Me Again This Isn’t America?

  1. Before the election, I spoke with a few Trump supporters who were basically acting as a town crier in a video game chat channel. They vehemently insisted that they were forming an armed militia in Nevada and Utah to take back the white house if HRC won. When I called them out that they were basically committing domestic terrorism by even saying these things, they simply said “No. We’re just warning you.”

    The election may have been a catalyst for this type of behavior from that side regardless of outcome. I doubt that it would have happened with such arrogance and frequency, however.

    This does not lessen how insane it is to me that half of the country still voted for a man that condones, and campaigned on, this grotesque behavior.

    I literally think the only thing that will help is if Donald Trump himself acknowledges this and commands them to stop. His followers call him God Emperor Trump, after all…

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    1. Brilliant, yet terrible insight. This is what the media meant by uneducated. The idea that voting for Trump made this behavior okay. What a shit show. Thanks for the comment. I gave you a follow.


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