From Despair Springs Hope


From despair springs hope. The human spirit is a mother fucker, and it cannot be stopped. I have a friend named Joel who said a very profound thing we all need to latch on to, and the profound thing is how we need to root for Trump now. We don’t have a choice, and if he succeeds as a historically good president, then our country wins. It’s in our best interest if he actually ends up being awesome.

Will I be skeptical?


Will I be hypercritical?

Of course.  I would have been hypercritical of Clinton, or Johnson, or Sanders.

Will we know sooner than later what we’ve done?

Hell yes.  Trump has an aggressive, detailed plan in his first 100 days. If he is a serious candidate, we’ll know after about 75 of those days.

But from despair springs hope, and my hope is Trump can somehow unite us as a country and assuage the conflict between both parties. We need a strong leader right now more than ever, but we need a person who can show compassion. If Donald can show compassion and convey empathy, and truly regard the citizens of this country as his main focus, standing resolute against the establishment winds and proving to me and every other skeptical moderate he isn’t just a blow hard lounge act, then maybe we can accomplish something and actually make America greater. Because despite his mantra, don’t sell yourself short, America, you are already pretty fucking great. I mean for Christ’s sake, we just proved literally anyone can be president.


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