Trust Issues

Not a big fan of life imitating art.

King Ralph is a really good analogy for Trump. John Goodman plays a boorish lounge act, who becomes king because, basically, everyone else died in a freak photography accident. In real life, Trump could become president, well, basically in spite of a freak photography accident.

I bring this up because it’s time to make an endorsement, as a political site, and I’m not going to beat or grab around the bush.

I’m probably going to vote for Clinton tomorrow, and I think you should as well.

It comes down to a trust issue.

I do not trust Hillary Clinton.

Shit Sandwich

But I absolutely trust that if we elect a boorish lounge act like Trump, something awful will happen. He will fuck something up so bad. He will make rookie mistakes we cannot afford. Goodman’s King Ralph had some time to get his shit together and he had a team of people helping him to cover his gaffes and mistakes. But we can’t afford that as the leader of the free world. If you search your soul, and you really look at the candidates, there can only be one choice this election, and that choice must be Clinton.

Good luck, America. We’re gonna need it.

Shit Burger

And PS Republicans.  Get you fucking shit together next election.  For fuck’s sake, please produce a viable candidate who isn’t a fucking whack job, a misogynist, a racist, a bigot, a shithead, a liar, an idiot. Here’s to Rubio 2020: A vision for the future. (Anyone need a campaign writer?)


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