More Fuel (On The Fire)

Here’s another reason not to vote for Trump. Climate change is (maybe?) the most important reason. You don’t get to say climate change is a hoax.  Well, you can say it, but then we’ll know you are a god damned idiot.
Seriously, and please, take some offense to this: if you think it’s not a big deal to protect our climate and take reasonable steps to champion clean energy, you are wrong. You are also entering the realm of being a stupid asshole. Sure, you can have an opinion that climate issues are a hoax propagated by the left, but your opinion would be wrong. You can believe it, but you are believing a lie. You can deny it, but then you are an idiot, and your opinion doesn’t count because your opinion is factually wrong, and you are wrong, and therefore it doesn’t matter what you believe.  Because you are basing your opinion on something that is false. Also, you are a really stupid asshole.
Let me be even more blunt: If you truly think climate change isn’t happening, please go put your family in the garage with you, and your pets, and all of your houseplants (including your aloe plant) and then close the door. Add motor oil to your drinking water, and kindly start your car, then set the tires on fire. If you can hang out in there for a couple hours without any ill side effects, then I’ll happily recant!
Am I perfect?  No, I’m not.  I leave the lights on sometimes, and not just because I’m afraid of the dark. Do I drive fast and often? Yep. Do I recycle?  Only when I remember. But I try.  I have a Nest and we try not to waste electricity when possible, or food, or gas, or let trash blow around our neighborhood or leave things plugged in when not in use. And if it was more affordable I’d have solar power, and maybe even a wind turbine. If I ever build another house, it will incorporate the latest Tesla inventions.
No, I’m not perfect, but clearly we need to do something to protect our natural wonders and even just our drinking water. Putting Trump in office pretty much ensures this doesn’t happen.
Don’t be a god damned idiot. Please?

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