Christie Gets His Goose Cooked. Mmmm, Goose.


Hot Dog Man might be in deep shit. I’ve said it before – where there’s smoke, you can choke to death. You don’t even have to be guilty anymore. Two of HDM’s lackeys took the rap for this, but the stench of tomfoolery hangs over Christie and his homies like burnt popcorn mixed with burnt hair mixed with burnt bacon. Also, where there’s smoke there may be a BBQ, let’s go see!

Speaking of the smell of burnt bacon, did you know that if you throw a rager while your parents or husband is gone and you need to hide the smell of weed, booze, and piss from the buddy of your friend, who you don’t even know, who showed up totally wasted and mistakenly thought your husband’s aloe plant was a toilet (at least she didn’t shit in it) it can all be masked by cooked bacon?  When he/your parents come home, all they’ll know is you treated yourself to some delicious bacon for breakfast and as long as you fish the panties out of the pool and re-pot the aloe, they’ll never know


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