Where There’s Smoke You Can Choke To Death

Hey baby, I like your manure spreader.

First, go read this article because it is really interesting.

Did you read it?  Did you get bored because it was so long?  Screw you, go finish it – it’s well written and fairly objective.

Okay now that you are finished reading it, here’s some opinion for you to react to.

We (the collective we who sees through Trump’s bullshit) don’t give him him enough credit. The man is a self-promotion, self-preservation genius. I actually think a large percentage of the left has underestimated him. No one turns bad press into ratings like Donald Trump. I get one of those sneaking suspicions he’s played America this whole time; after all of these negative stories, all of his over-the-top-ishness is just to keep him top of mind. I said after the last debate he had successfully done just enough to get the vote, and as of a poll I saw today, is within a couple points of Clinton. (Take that with a grain of salt, I hope).

So here’s the point to all this. Whether or not Trump has been the spreader of all this manure, he certainly is benefiting from it nutritionally. While I agree with Slate’s ultimate assessment – it’s too early to tell if there’s anything there between Trump’s server and a Russian bank – here we are a few days from election and it’s unlikely whatever is smoldering in these investigations will be resolved in the next seven days.

This goes for his other cases going to hearing, too, including the child abuse cases. The additional shitty thing is that Clinton has just as much baggage. No matter which president is elected, there’s a whole mountain of skeletons in the manure pile. Whether it’s massive cover ups, ties to Russia, fucking kids, deleting emails: IT DOESN’T MATTER.

We don’t have a bunch of proof on any of these issues that keep coming up, but that’s the point – they keep coming up. We don’t need proof, or in this case, a fire, because the smoke suffocates. It suffocates the process. It suffocates the real issues we face as a country. It suffocates progress. It chokes out the people trying to make a difference. It stops chokes out any hope we had of the candidates doing good while in office.

On Wednesday next week America is going to wake up knowing they just had a one night stand with a psychopath. I have a feeling it’s going to end badly for everyone. Sure, the fling might have been exciting, but does it really make up for the acid on the car, and constant calling, or the cooked rabbit?

Sorry, that’s a real downer to end on but all the candidates suck and I really think we should all vote third party so it screws up the system and congress can just pick someone. That’s a dumb idea, too, so I guess just do what I said months ago and whatever party you vote for president, make sure you vote the opposite for house and senate. I am probably going to vote for Grassley in Iowa and Clinton for president, hoping it creates gridlock but that it’s a gridlock really only to prevent us accidentally starting a holocaust. Hallelujah, holy shit.  Where’s the Tylenol?

Photo Notes: I think I have family voting for Trump, and I know I have family that used the caption as a pick up line, so I guess it makes sense. Since I stole this picture off their site, it’s only fair to give them a free ad. If you need a tiny shit wagon, go here to get your very own. Farm gal not included.


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