So Close

We’re so close to the election. Is that good or bad?

It’s bad, isn’t it?

Here’s kind of a round up of thoughts since I was traveling a bunch this week.

Baseball has everyone captivated.  Good.

All this pre-election fraud is only going to fuel Trump when he loses.

A good conversation happened at the airport last night between me and a new friend. Talking our favorite players growing up.  I listed off Wally Joyner and Carlos Beltran as my two favorite of all time. When we came around to picking one pitcher to start a team as an ace, I said Nolan Ryan. He thought for a minute and retorted with Greg Maddox.  Man.  What a great conversation!

I said Nolan Ryan was twice the pitcher Roger Clemens was, but that may have been wrong.

20 Wins/Season: Clemens by 2 (4 total)

k/9: Ryan by .09

HR Allowed: Ryan by -42, with three years extra service

Shutouts: Ryan by 15

Neither threw a perfect game.

But Roger Clemens never kicked the shit out of Robin Ventura, so I think we all know who the winner is.

I think I’m voting for Clinton, for what it’s worth.



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