First, thanks to everyone who has checked out the site.

Second, if you like my brand of bullshit, please like the things you can like and follow the things you can follow. And, much like a low-grade STD, please share these stories on social media with people you casually engage with.

If you clicked on some ads, that would help a bunch too.

Anyway, if you have story ideas ever or are interested in writing a piece, send me a DM in Twitter or on Facebook or email me to the address that’s listed somewhere on here that I forgot the password to, and I’ll get you hooked up.  No long term commitments to write, and no pay, so really it is the best of both worlds.  But some day I hope to pay people for stories and build a media empire focused on dumb jokes and snark.

That’s all.  Thanks again for reals. I like writing and this is fun.


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