Kershaw Disgusting

Here’s a list of disgusting things:

  • Public shitters
  • Private shitters
  • Bums shitting in the street or in a Burger King cup behind the Barnes & Noble
  • My dad dumping a bunch of liquid pig shit on my head by our shop one time when we were trying to figure out the malfunctioning hydraulics on a shitwagon
  • The one and only time I ate at Uncle Buck’s in Altoona, Iowa
  • My brother eating a 6 pound hamburger from a truckstop
  • Dead animals that pop open to reveal a huge amount of maggots
  • Madonna’s sheets in the 1980s
  • Allen Iverson beating Jordan on a crossover
  • Black licorice and Good n’ Plentys
  • Eating weird shit like yak vagina or crawling bugs or the business end of a skunk or some critter’s ding dong in a soup
  • That fermented shark shit in Iceland
  • Old red heads who smoke so much their white mustache is yellow
  • The fingers of a chain smoker that are all yellow and black
  • Busta Rhymes on the mic
  • Dogs eating their own shit
  • Dogs eating other dogs’ shit

None of those were as disgusting as Clayton Kershaw last night. Dude was sick AF.


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