A-Gon Takes Stand

I read an article on FoxSports.com today about Adrian Gonzalez and his choice not to stay at Trump Tower in Chicago earlier this year presumably because he’s a man of principal and oh yeah because Trump hates Mexicans and while Trump may get money to build a wall, A-Gon be god damned if he gets a dime from him staying at his 2 star hotel.

The important thing is it’s yet another example of a big name athlete taking a peaceful but forcible stance on an important topic. He made a decision, and stuck to his convictions. And while the article was admittedly vague and may have had nothing to do with Trump and everything to do with a relentless escort plying her trade in the bar, Gonzalez said he had his reasons.

“I had my reasons.” – Adrian Gonzalez

See what I mean?  (That’s excellent journalism by the way.  I set it up, and let the powerful quote do the work for me!)

Jokes aside, appreciate what Gonzalez has done, and appreciate what Colin Kaepernick has done. Whether or not you agree with their politics, they’ve taken peaceful action on important topics and through their actions have created far reaching conversation around some of the most turbulent topics of our time.

Kaepernick’s stand is the one pissing me off the most, and it’s not his stand but the people who respond with “then get out of our country if you don’t like it”. The next person who says that is getting beat up. How about fuck you instead? The entire premise of our country and what actually makes it great is the fact any one of us can decide we don’t like something and do something about it. The fact he took such a simple measure on such a hot button issue and got so many people riled up is a stroke of genius. The conversation is still going, and the best part is he and others have put their money where their mouths are, or more accurately into their communities to help – to help ease tension, bring people together – and it’s important. I hope more athletes like Kap and A-Gon use their lofty platform to help move the needle on social issues and affect positive change in our communities.

Or light them on fire. Whichever is more ‘Merican. If you don’t like it, you can get out. USA! USA!

Editor’s Note: I screwed his last name upon first posting because I looked at the wrong site to verify his spelling. Another example of why you should always check Baseball-Reference for your baseball stat needs. 


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