Curt Shilling For Trump: Whoops

Curt Schilling, amateur hot air bag and professional asshole, recently decided it would be a really good job to go on TV or radio or something and talk about how he too wanted to fuck all of his friends’ daughters. We’re checking with our lawyers now and….yeah, that is not advised.

Here’s Schilling’s quote from an article on Deadspin that they wrote based on a thing he did:

“I have a daughter, my daughter has friends. I’ve seen my daughter’s friends, I’m a man—wow she’s a beautiful young lady.”

That’s really weird.  To be fair, he did add this:

“I don’t immediately jump to molesting her.”

Do you like how I cut that?  By simply truncating his quote above it really makes him look like he wants to bang his pals’ kids.  Then when you see the other quote you actually realize…oh, I guess it’s still pretty awful. He just waits to molest them later.

Dammit, women and underage girls.  When will you realize you just need to stop being hot and guys will leave you alone and by the way if you lost 20 pounds you’d be really pretty. Please don’t listen to assholes like Curt Schilling.  I loved him as a pitcher, but he’s a true dildo brain and we can all do better than to give him and his ilk a soapbox.

Unrelated point: This is truly a post about baseball and politics.  Amen.


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