Trump Makes Hitler Mistake


An example of a two front war from WWI


As a registered Republican who pretty much hates everything about the Republican party right now, it’s really easy for me to critique it. I’ve seen people compare Trump to Hitler a bunch on here, and what is actually scary about it actually not so much Trump, but the idea that he has somehow made it acceptable in some people’s minds that bigotry and racism and sexism is just part of the game. The truly scary part is that he may have opened the door for someone a little more subtle and polished to come through and make it a reality.

But I digress.  The really Hitler thing Trump just did was start a two front war. During WWII, Germany’s biggest mistake was engaging Russia. There was no need, and all it did was spread out his forces and in short order (relatively) the war was over.

This week Trump has basically 86’ed his own party. Not only has he invoked the ire or Democrats, but he is alienating his own party at an exponential pace. If history has taught us anything, his war will be over shortly.


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