Unsure Who To Vote For? Do This…

So many scales to consider.

So I was sitting in a pickup truck outside a Catholic church today, which if you know me at all is kind of a fucking random place for me (well, slightly more random than normal), but I was there for a good cause: bullshitting with my parents about the travesty that is our 2016 presidential election.

My folks are pretty open minded, but they life in western Iowa and there’s a lot of doom and gloom feeling that comes with living over there because there’s a lot of not open minded people who dwell in negativity and propagate opinions based on opinion and not facts. This is all set up which lead to, almost accidentally, me saying the real scare for me in this election is the Supreme Court justices.

With a republican congress and a republican president, we’re almost guaranteed that the outcome of the election is a huge swing in who has majority on the court. And if we get a 8-2 or 7-3 majority of fomenters (I think that’s a word) of extremist conservative demagoguery, then we’re pretty much fucked.

Basically, if you are a woman, or a gay, or a transgender, or a Mexican, or an African American, or a Muslim, or someone who recreationally uses drugs, or someone who likes Game of Thrones, or someone who likes to look at a titty online now and again without getting bleach thrown in your eyes, then you need to make sure we have some sort of balance after the dust settles from this shit storm, and I think I cracked the case on how to do it.

There are 34 seats up for election in the senate. If you have any moderate leanings, but feel the need to vote for one or the other presidential candidate, then I would strongly, STRONGLY urge you to vote opposite in the congressional elections.

In other words, if you vote for Clinton, then vote for republican representatives and senators. And if you feel compelled to vote for Trump, then vote democrat in your ancillary elections.

If you do this, and if everyone did this, we could at least put a check and balance in there. If you give up the puss to all of one side, we’ll have some seriously lopsided representation for the first time in a long time, and this lopsidedness will undoubtedly lead to problems. We already have a bungling parade of dumbfuckery across the board, what with congress overturning a veto that opened the door to a shit sandwich of lawsuits, aides and interns sending out pressers before the event even concludes – we don’t need any help creating problems.

At best, we ensure proper vetting of our new justices and create a government that has to work together to get shit done. At worst, we create a governmental gridlock for the next four years at which point, HOPEFULLY, we have better options. And hopefully in that four year span we, as a country, can reflect on how we got here and make better choices for a brighter future. A friend of mine said “the past teaches us that tomorrow makes us all fools.” While we have problems, we need to think of the future, and actually protect it through this cycle. My own Sen. Charles Grassley is holding the process hostage hoping he gets a republican president so he can railroad a right winger onto the bench. We have to protect against this type of bullshit, because it is bullshit.

Or just light a fucking match.  You know.  It’s your choice.


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