Let’s Think A Bit


Here’s some food for thought.  Or rather, choke on this:

History is great because I can teach someone history. It’s easy. Crack open a book.  Crack open a newspaper. It’s really great because you can read it, you can retain it, and you can improve your knowledge.

What I can’t do is train you not to be a fucking stupid asshole who hates women and Mexicans and Muslims. I can’t train you not to be a crooked son of a bitch who builds a fortune based on scams and stepping on the backs of others.

I also can’t train you to tell the truth, or make better judgement, or not to be greedy.

This is not an endorsement for Gary Johnson, but certainly if you are picking evils, he is in the best position to improve the fastest because he can memorize world leaders, and study history and current events.


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